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A visionary seminar for creating a pathway towards a resilient society in the blue bioeconomy, as a driver for food security and climate risk mitigation for a sustainable food system.

Coffee and lunch will be served during the event.

Frida Jonson, porträttbild.
Frida Jonson

Frida Jonson is a journalist and global observer specializing in sustainability, food, new technology, and agriculture. She has spent many years working in agricultural media and is one of the founders of the acclaimed AGFO network, which focuses on promoting the future of sustainable food and agriculture. Frida has also worked on innovative and sustainable biomaterials and textiles at Wargön Innovation. She was raised on a farm in Halland and currently resides in the plains of Västergötland, where she runs her own consulting business.

Greens from the deep blue – Hallands first ocean-based algae farm

Morgan Skarin is project manager at Blue Fields AB, which establishes and operates sea-based algae farms along the west coast of Sweden. The company’s first farm is located off Glommen and a second farm is planned south of Bua in Halland. The goal is to establish a leading operation in ”blue foods”, which not only produces healthy and climate-smart raw materials, but also creates new job opportunities in harbor communities. Morgan has a biomedicine degree from Lund University and Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship, and has previously been the CEO of Encubator, an incubator business that is now part of Chalmers Ventures.

Morgan Skarin, porträttbild.
Morgan Skarin

Jonas Nimfelt

Galene wind farm, renewable energy and biodiversity combined

Jonas Nimfelt is project manager in Offshore wind at OX2 and responsible for Galene, the wind farm that will be built in the sea 22 km outside Varberg. Project management is close to Jonas’ heart and he has previously been responsible for various road and rail projects at the Swedish Transport Administration. OX2 develops and sells renewable energy solutions at scale and is today one of the largest developers of onshore wind power in Europe. OX2 has high ambitions in the climate field targeting to increase renewable energy production and to reduce green house gas emissions. OX2 have long worked to minimize our negative impact on nature, and are now taking decisive actions towards our goal of nature-positive wind and solar farms by 2030.

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