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Innovation Jam

Thursday, Oct 7th 12:00 pm–01:00 pm

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A warm welcome to Innovation Jam, a recurring and highly appreciated lunch event hosted by Leap for Life. Listen to interesting guests, discuss challenges and possibilities in health and social care while you also broaden your network and gain new knowledge. Moderated by Rebecca Sellergren this will be a relaxed discussion where you as a listener also can participate. In the October Jam our guests are Farzaneh (Kobra) Etminani, Associate Professor at Halmstad University and Niklas Sundler, Technology Innovation Director på Ramsay Santé Innovation Hub.

The project that will be talked about is called PadAI, which stands for Participatory and information driven anxiety/depression healthcare journeys.

Availability of health-related data, the roles that patients play in their own healthcare journeys, and the availability and use of digital healthcare enable new ways to improve mental healthcare by designing, developing and implementing using information-driven technologies early in the process. The aim of this project is to explore various digital information-driven solutions to proactively detect the young adults with anxiety/depression in their mental healthcare journeys.


Kobra Etminani is an Associate Professor in Machine Learning, working at the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR), Halmstad University, Sweden. She has a PhD in Computer Engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad in 2013. She has worked on various topics and application areas within Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Mining, and Deep Learning (DL) in the last decade, focused on healthcare, district heating, and mobility. Her main research interest is focused on solving real-world problems, which is focused on a healthier society, with the help of AI and ML, if possible and applicable. Her recent research focus is on patient trajectories and eXplainable AI (XAI) in precision healthcare at CAISR-Health research profile, where she serves as the Deputy Profile Leader for this center.

Niklas Sundler is the Technology Innovation Director på Ramsay Santé Innovation Hub and represents Capio. Niklas has 30 years of experience in the IT industry alternating from the supplier side and the customer side, of which ten years in health and healthcare, including IT-director Region of Skåne and Head of Telia Healthcare. Over these years, Niklas has also built up several companies and worked with service development and IT operations in large companies such as ICA, Telia, and Region Skåne. Today Niklas are Technology Innovation Director at the Ramsay Santé Innovation hub supporting Capio and Ramsay Santé.

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Regions, municipalities, companies, employees in region and municipality, entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers

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